Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yep, it's celiac

... on the plus side (she says, grasping at straws) my follow-up appointment isn't until July 15th, so I don't go on the "say goodbye to lots of things you love" diet until then. :D

And, this should sort the anemia, and perhaps some of the bone and muscle problems. So, this is a beginning as well as an ending. (How's that for positivity? To be honest, I spent the weekend mourning for the anticipated loss, which appears to have gotten it out of the way.)

edit to add: Now I will be the world's worst houseguest! "Nope, can't eat that... nor that... sorry, can't have that... heck, just pass me a carrot." Actually, this will probably be more work for Mr E than myself, as one solution to this has him baking a lot more.

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