Thursday, May 31, 2007


deQuervain's tenosynovitis, to be precise -- inflammation of the tendons that control the thumbs. I have managed to mess up both hands, thus the name of this blog, for I am truly a Nerd without thumbs. In an attempt to get better, I have, to date, given up:
  • computer gaming
  • xbox
  • card games
  • reading paperbacks
  • piano
  • needlepoint
  • ... everything else that requires fine manipulation
In other words, just about everything but TV and b*tching about my thumbs. And using the remote hurts. Good thing Mr. E is usually in charge of that. :D (Complaining doesn't strain anything. You've been warned.)

I've done splints, ice, rest, physical therapy, ever stronger NSAIDs, and my least favorite drug ever, oral methylprendisolone. Next is injected cortisone, possibly autologous platelet infusion, and finally surgery. All whilst being my family's sole source of income... it could lead to drinking heavily. Except that it hurts to hold the glass. :(

I've a doctor's appointment Monday, after which I'm sure I'll have lots more to say.

Begin where?

... at the beginning, I suppose.

Inspired by faireknitter, I've decided that blogging may be the easiest way to communicate with family and friends. Anticipated topic areas:

  • My thumbs -- I've been thumb-wrestling with deQuervain's for almost a year. deQuervain's is winning. Yay.
  • Being a nerd. Specifically, being a XX-chromosome over-40 nerd. I can feel you falling asleep now...
  • Science fiction fandom.
  • Writing.
  • Politics, feminism, family, and other topics guaranteed to get me in trouble. :D