Friday, June 20, 2008

Gluten free shopping spree!

The whole family went to the local Yokes last night, to stock up on gluten free foodstuffs. They've recently created an organic section, in which most of the gluten free foods can be found. Highlights:

  • Yay! Gluten free beer! Boo! It's by Anheuser-Busch (spit)!
  • As I feared, explicitly gluten free foods cost more than their regular counterparts.
  • But there are a lot of regular foods that are naturally gluten free (Rice Chex, corn tortillas) as long as you take a careful look at the ingredients lists.
  • We found gluten free flour and the xanthan gum required to make it work. Mr E is making pizza crust tonight (from gf mix) and may tackle gf banana bread this weekend. We cued up a bread machine for purchase next pay day. :D
  • I never realized there was that much wheat in food.
  • Still need to work on getting more fresh fruits and vegetables into our diet.

All in all, it was more expensive than a regular stocking run, but we've got enough to keep me fed for a couple weeks, so it's a win overall.

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