Friday, June 1, 2007

Insert Alice Cooper on the Muppet Show here

I'm sure we could have a wonderful and enlightening discussion about education here, about the pros and cons of year round education, pedagogical variants and techniques, differences in learning styles, heck, how the schools have to serve neuro-diverse and neuro-typical alike...

But I'm going to kvetch about my daughter's schedule. Yeesh! She's in the last two weeks of middle school, and I swear, they've got something scheduled every night until we reach sweet, sweet summer vacation. As a family, we've always sought to avoid overscheduling (it doesn't look very fun for anybody involved), and now the school district is doing it for us! (One could call that service, I suppose... )

Gotta admit, though, the bands sounded really good. It's so nice to not dread the concerts... ;)

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Jennifer said...

Every weeknight for the next two weeks! Yarrgh!. I'm so sorry. Kimber doesn't have nearly that much.