Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What a way to end the year

Last two weeks of 2007 sure were interesting. Kid A found out that hot tea + leg = second degree burns (which have healed quite nicely). Then my sister-in-law very kindly brought us a lovely upper respiratory infection for Christmas, which got everybody in the house except for the under-20 set. Mr E found the cough syrup recommended by four out of five evil step-mothers (best described as mentholated snot), while I spent a few days on the wild side, taking NyQuil during the day. (I live dangerously.)

And now the hand surgeon has essentially thrown his hands up and told me to go back to my regular doctor after we get the results of the blood tests for arthritis or other auto-immune goodies. I feel like I'm in my very own episode of House, for hank's sake...

On the plus side, kidney and liver function is good, as well as cholesterol and all those other things.

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