Thursday, December 20, 2007

Too picky for our own good

... or, the Adventures of Geriatric Jesus and Rock and Roll Judas

Mr E got us tickets for Tuesday night's touring company performance of Jesus Christ Superstar because Corey Glover (former lead singer of Living Colour) was cast as Judas. Ted Neeley, who had played Jesus in the 1973 film version of JC Superstar, was reprising his role, which had me a little concerned...

Concern got deeper during the Overture, when the seemingly requisite encounter between apostles and Roman soldiers took place in bullet time. Oh, and the costume designer had gone for a late-medieval / early MC Hammer look, so the soldiers had halberds and some of the apostles had baggy pants. But then Mr. Glover pretty much nailed "Heaven on Their Minds", though his vocal style was, perhaps predictably, much more rock 'n' roll than Broadway, and I got a little happier.

Then Jesus made his entrance. And my disbelief landed with an almighty whump.... he just sounded too old. Oh, and he sang the consonants, not the vowels. And he would extend phrases until he was at least a measure behind the "orchestra". Later on, the actors portraying both Herod and Pilate did the same thing, so I can only think that somebody in charge thought it was a good idea.

... graah, there's such a thing as knowing too much, especially at $56 bucks a ticket plus handling fees.

On the other paw, Mr. Glover, the young woman playing Mary Magdalene, and the chorus all nailed it. Still left the performance bitching, though.


Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. That sounds just awful.


Ab_Normal said...

Kid A is getting a little put out by our kvetching, as she enjoyed the show greatly... But Mr. E pointed out the upside last night: The next live show we take Kid A to will be much better -- there's no place to go but up!

Jennifer said...

Good Point.