Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Move Review: National Treasure 2

We paid $5, which was about what it was worth.

Can't explain why my disbelief fell so hard as to dent the concrete flooring without spoilers. Just consider that a working knowledge of history is a major detriment to the aforementioned disbelief. :D


kimalanus said...

I like to think I have a working knowledge of history. I quite enjoyed the roller coaster ride. Of course, having seen the first one (and enjoyed the roller coaster ride) I had no illusions that there would be anything more than truthiness in the plot. That is to say, I expected it to resemble nothing other than itself and expected no connection to the real world and so had no cognitive dissonance to resolve. However, it is well known that I have low tastes. ;o)


Bhagwan said...

My main problem (first among many) witht he film is that




they faced (including those of the Antagonist)could have been solved by asking someone for help.

Indeed, on the two occasions when the PRO tagonists do so, they are rewarded with success and rewards.

Go figure.

I think you overpaid.

Ab_Normal said...

... so, my expectations, weren't *low* enough? :D

Ab_Normal said...

... that was in response to kim, btw.

damn, i miss my hemoglobin

kimalanus said...

Norma - nope, your TASTE isn't low enough.

Bhagwan - People were periled, cars were chased, things blew up. I noticed that the cast could have solved most problems by asking for help, (and given their reputations, probably gotten it) but where's the fun in that???? Well, asking the President to see the Secret Book worked out really well. The President. Hitchhiking. Mirth.