Friday, November 16, 2007

Why must food equal comfort?

On the plus side, I've so far managed to resist buying the stress-relief bag of nacho cheese Doritos... but, boy, do I have the munchies today. (I'm at 144 lbs. I'm going to stay good. Stay good, Ab, stay good...)

Dr. appt today at 3pm, we'll discuss WHY DO MY HANDS STILL HURT?!?!?!? Except possibly in a bigger font. :D


kimalanus said...

For what it is worth and to encourage positivity, it was at least six months after surgery and long months after therapy (therapy causes pain or haven't you noticed ;o) was done with that I was really pain free.... On the other hand, pain free is glorious. And requires less comfort food. And less narcotic painkillers. And is really, really good, generally.


Jennifer said...

You're back! You're Back! Today was the first time I checked in a while. I'm sorry to hear that your hands still hurt. What did the Dr. say? And what diet are you using? I would love to get back to the weight I was in college.

Ab_Normal said...

Dr. sounded pretty much like Kim :D though there was a House moment during which autoimmune disorders were invoked.

I'm doing a boring ol' balanced reduced calorie diet (1571 per day) with exercise plan. It seems to work for me. :D

Jennifer said...

I think they go for things like autoimmune disorders to scare you into putting up with the therapy. And a diet and exercise plan sounds like work ;)