Friday, November 9, 2007

Gotta brag to someone, and you're elected

My weight is under 150 (if only barely) for the first time in... oh, decades, probably. The BMI calculator says I'm in the normal range, as does my waist to height ratio. (Haven't had the guts to look at my waist to hip ratio... should do that.) Dang, I hate having to buy new clothes before the old ones wear out. No, really. :D

So, I'm shooting for 140, during the holiday eating season. Never said I was that bright... on the other hand, I started the First Successful Diet and Exercise Routine of the 21st Century right before Thanksgiving, so I've done this before.


Bhagwan said...

that's the spirit!

WtHr is useful at any time, but is somewhat dependant on Body type. It's less accurate an indicator for wommenfolk, but if you are already at a good body fat % it should be a fair indicator of health.

Ab_Normal said...

Body fat % is probably the next thing I should find out... I'm still pretty well padded around the hips and thighs ;)

Bhagwan said...

I use this one for a quick gauge

far better to have an MD do it, but very accurate.

Ab_Normal said...

That's nifty, thanks!