Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ides of May

It's our twentieth wedding anniversary! w00t!

We're going to go out to dinner with the fruit of our labor, aka Kid A. (Who, when I said "fruit of our labor" to her, replied, "I think you did most of the work".) It'll be a combined anniversary / happy 4.0 GPA party. :D

Edit to add:
We went out to The Melting Pot. Ordinarily I like to avoid chain restaurants, but the idea of a fondue dinner was irresistable. Ended up running $50/person, so it's not something we'll be doing very often, but it was a fun night and quite filling. :D I discovered that Hemingway drank mojitos for a reason... whew.

I gave Mr. E a Munchkin expansion pack (#4, Need for Steed) and he gave me a 2GB Swissbit, in the airplane-friendly no blades configuation. I'll be putting the 512MB Swissbit stick into it and passing it on to Kid A. I'm also converting the Car Wars design spreadsheet (that I did for our 10th anniversary) into a web app. Hmm, guess #20 is the nerd anniversary... of course, for us that also applies to #1-#19. :D

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