Friday, May 30, 2008

I like specialists

So, just got back from my visit with the hematologist. Okay, she's an oncologist who sees hematology patients... First off, I love it when the doc comes in and says, "My gosh, you are pasty!" We got a good laugh out of that. Also, she cut straight to the point: oral iron hasn't worked, so I'm going to get an iron infusion next week. We'll see if that gets rid of the bleepin' headache.

Got another CBC (complete blood count) which was even worse than the one from last week. Yay! And the phlebotomist got nothin' from my left arm, which led to "Andromeda Strain" jokes.

What I'm not looking forward to: the alien probe of both ends of my digestive tract. That's the down side of seeing an oncologist; she wants to make sure it isn't cancer. I can be cool with that.

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