Monday, April 21, 2008

Another month goes by

And nothing much changes. Yep, that's my life. :D Arthritis and me are getting along pretty well, and the anemia is backed into a corner, I think. (Follow up blood tests are next month.)

The rolling RSI has made its way to my shoulder, though. Any hints, Oldest 14 yr old?


kimalanus said...

I take a lot of ibuprofen....

Oldest 14 Year Old

Jennifer said...

oldest 14 year old just got done with gall bladder surgery (seen his gall stones on his blog?) and is probably not reading your blog just yet. Exercise is what they tried on him first, but that didn't work because of the bone spur tearing up his rotator cuff. I can send you a copy of the exercise page though.

Ab_Normal said...

Kim: I'm taking ketoprofen for a test drive, but I'm not impressed. And nice surgical souvenirs, btw. :D

Jenn: that'd be lovely, thank'ee.

kimalanus said...

Of all the NSAIDS I have used, ibuprofen has had the most consistent, reliable, side-effect free results. And it's cheap.

I had a prescription for Etodolac that did a pretty good job for my shoulders, but unless taken with food caused considerable stomach distress. The literature says it is contraindicated for people with aspirin allergy, asthma or generally allergic to a lot of things.

I've also used naproxen with mediocre results and some stomach trouble.

Wiki says ketoprofen is a horse drug... ;o)


Ab_Normal said...

(insert something clever about horse drugs)

I'm going to wean myself off the ketoprofen (got a migraine the last time I missed one) and go back to ibuprofen. As long as I took them with food everything was okay.

The muscle relaxants are kinda hard on the tummy too...

Bright side: the PT has me working on my posture. I feel taller. :D

kimalanus said...

(insert something clever about the reliability of information found on Wikipedia ;o)

When I went to work at the school district, there was a zero-g ergo chair WITH 5 point wheels and a lumbar support sitting in the hallway marked surplus. I snagged it and have used it since in spite of the ignorant sneers of my co-workers. They laugh, I just keep sitting in the chair without a back ache.... When it dies (it's cheaply built), they'll have to buy me a new one 'cause I'll take it to HR if I have to. Muscle relaxers don't bother my stomach (everybody's different ;o) but they do put me to sleep...for two days. The weather is improving and as soon as my second belly button closes up I'm gonna get my bike out again.