Thursday, July 19, 2007

Spotted on a church sign

"God doesn't believe in atheists, therefore atheists don't exist."

Ha, ha. (pokes self) Hmm, I still appear to be here... does that disprove their premise? Any logic-choppers out there?


kimalanus said...

I think the point is the converse is also not true: "Atheists don't believe in God, therefor God does not exist." Unfortunately for the logic of the sermon, this is not the exegisis of Atheism. An atheist points out that it is unproven that God exists, that, indeed, by faith doctrines God CANNOT be proven to exist, therefor God actually does not exist. Yet, I have faith. So maybe the sermon is valid.


Ab_Normal said...


Still, I don't decide that theists don't exist just because I don't share their belief system. Why can't they show me the same consideration?

(how many negatives in that sentence? oh, well)