Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pointing device number four...

In the ongoing (but not futile, dang it!) struggle to make my computer environment less painful, I've moved on to the fourth pointing device for calendar year 2007. Oy.

Started the year with a regular mouse; made my thumb hurt because I had to hold my thumb up.

Tried two versions of Evoluent's vertical mouse, with the hope that resting my thumb on top of the mouse would help. But that turned clicking into a pinching motion, because I had to stabilize the mouse with my thumb. Sigh.

Then I bought the low-end Logitech trackball, but I had to use my thumb to click the button... no good.

So last Friday I slapped the touchpad extension onto the ergo keyboard I'd brought from home. I'd left it off because it made it more difficult to fit the keyboard into the tray, but I've found using the touchpad on the new laptop to be less painful, so what the heck.

I think what I really need is biofeedback training to learn to relax my thumbs... ;D

edited to add: stopping now, thumbs hurts. :(

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