Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Review: Watchmen

Used some of the comp time I racked up this weekend to see Watchmen with Mr. E. There were five other people in the theater, which has upsides and downsides: Yes, we didn't have to listen to other people talking, but I felt like I couldn't talk myself, since, well, they'd know who was talking. :D

This was the third time Mr. E saw the movie, which is an endorsement in itself. (He didn't even make it through Starship Troopers once -- he had to walk away and get a popcorn refill before he started yelling at the screen.)

I was looking forward to this, and I guess my anticipation was rewarded. I'm not completely enamored of Zach Snyder's directorial style -- that slow then fast thing gets old fast, at least for me. And while I like a fight scene as much as the next nerd-girl, I don't remember them being quite that gory in the original. Dr. Manhattan's little Manhattan wasn't as distracting as I feared it would be, and the attempted rape was judiciously handled.

I did appreciate the attention to detail, and the period touches. The movie starts with a pretty good impression of The McLaughlin Group, which I appreciated since I watched it back in the mid-80's. (Nerd, remember?) One of the reasons I wished I could have chatted with Mr. E during the movie was because I was playing "spot the frame from the graphic novel", and I got a lot of hits.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, and will probably watch it at least one more time on the biggest TV I can get my hands on, remote in hand, looking for all the details scattered throughout. NOT RECOMMENDED if you're squeamish about graphic violence and sex.

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