Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living the single life (or, I hate wasps)

Mr. E and Kid A are off on the West Side this week, so it's just me and the cranky old cat. Sunday before they left we went out to make sure the Emergency Back-up Car would work for me this week. Gee, when you don't drive a car for a few months, the wasps do like to move in. Mr. E found the nest (under the frame) and he and Kid A dispatched about 8-10 wasps in the next half hour.

So, Tuesday I went out to drive to work (had an appointment with the gastro doc), and, being a bit paranoid, I kicked the driver's side door -- and out come two wasps, logy in the morning chill. I opened the door and out popped two more. While I was doing the "eek, wasps!" dance, I noticed they had started a new nest on the door sill. So I kicked that off the car and squished it.

Victory! or so I thought. The little goobers relocated to the mailbox. Oy.

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